A minimum level of 50% Attendance is required by the prime representative.Each member should have an alternate who may replace the prime member once each quarter.

If a member fails to meet this attendance requirement, the classification maybe made available to a second member occupying the same classification. The first member of that classification may also continue to represent the classification.

A member may not block the representation for a given classification due to non-attendance. Membership or other fees are not refunded to either member.

A member is considered to be a “No Show” if the member has replied that he/she will be attending, does not issue an “unable to attend” e-mail before the event and does not appear at the event. Normally the member has been issued a confirmation of his/her attendance the day of and often the day before the event.

A member with two “No Shows” is considered to be in default. Such default can be remedied by payment of a fine, can lead to expulsion. A member cannot be in default for this reason twice.

Members  should arrive on time to respect the other members and guests.

At each event, and barring emergencies, it is expected that members remain present until the event is adjourned.