Guest Information

Non-Member companies, representatives and other invitees are invited to events as guests only. Guests pay the hosting venue for their consumption for food and beverages. Guest fees may apply.

Guess may place a reasonable quantity of standard size business cards on the available card table which is accessible to all members and guests present. Guests may not, however, present promotional materials regardless of the media – this is reserved for members only.

Guests introduce themselves and make announcements at the appropriate time at each event. Introductions and infomercials are limited to between 30 and 45 seconds.

Being present at a dinner/event or being invited to one or more dinner/events does not imply that the company or its representative is a member, or that a classification is reserved or taken. Nor does it imply that BizMtl is soliciting the guest’s membership.

The guest permits the use of its company info and any photos taken at an event to be used on the BizMtl web site or other promotional material.
By attending a BizMtl event, the guest agrees to accept e-mail notifications of future events and other announcements.
BizMtl attempts to screen and invite guests whose classification is not currently represented in BizMtl. It may happen from time to time that a guest may appear whose classification is in conflict with an existing member.