Kinds of Businesses – Classifications

Members are assigned or choose a classification. A classification is a field of business or product or service e.g. general contractor, investment advisor, personal insurance, and so on.
Classifications are intended to be unique, i.e. limited to one (1) member per classification.
Each member will be allowed only one classification. At least two-thirds of a company’s business should be related specifically to the classification the company represents.
Classifications may be modified following clarification by members interested in a particular or different classification.
Classifications may not be so broad that they eliminate opportunities for new members in a related category.
If a classification is not listed and there is not a member in that classification, the classification may be added to the roster.
Classifications may be added, consolidated or split. The listing of a classification does not guarantee that such a classification will be retained.
A classification remains open until such time as BizMtl has received the membership application completed in full, the initiation and complete annual fees and that BizMtl has accepted the application.
Decisions regarding Classifications by BizMtl are final and not subject to appeal