Membership Duration and Fees

Memberships are for a 1 year period and payable in advance. There is a one time initiation fee.
There is an additional fee if 2 members of the same company attend events at the same time.
The membership period begins on the date the membership is initiated and runs for a period of 12 months unless terminated by the application of an article within this and related documents.

Membership and other fees

Membership and related fees are due within 15 days of the presentation of notification. Notification is by e-mail. If membership fees remain unpaid, BizMtl may declare the classification available and guests within the same classification may attend BizMtl events with the possibility of the member in default being replaced by a new member.
Membership fees are payable for one complete year and in advance.
There is a fee for the change of classification or change of company of a member.
There is no refund of fees.

Membership Renewal – Automatic

Memberships are automatically renewed for one full year unless notified at least 30 days in advance of the member’s desire to relinquish his/her membership. The renewal shall be at the then current rate. It is assumed the payment option will be the same as the previous year unless BizMtl is notified to the contrary.
There is an additional fee if 2 members of the same company attend events at the same time.

Member in Good Standing

A member in good standing is one who is in conformity with ALL of the articles in this and related documents (e.g. Membership Application) and one who professionally represents BizMtl within and without of BizMtl events.

Cancellation of Membership by BizMtl

A membership may be cancelled and/or not renewed by BizMtl if the member is in Default and/or due to failure to comply with this document and/or other regulations and the articles contained on the membership application.
There is no refund of fees.