Membership Information

Member Companies and Representation

Member companies are to be represented only by Presidents, Company Owners, or Decision Makers capable of negotiating transactions, both purchasing and sales, and must have contact base and ability to provide leads to fellow members.

A member should have an Alternate who may attend 25% of the time. The Alternate, who must be a partner or official of the company, should also have decision making ability within the company.

Potential members who choose to belong exclusively to BizMtl are preferred and agree to choose BizMtl as their primary business networking group.
Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and Network Marketing companies or representatives are ineligible for BizMtl membership or as guests.


Members are assigned or choose a classification. A classification is a field of business or product or service e.g. party rental equipment, investment advisor, personal insurance, and so on.

Classifications are intended to be unique, i.e. limited to one (1) member per classification.

Each member will be allowed only one classification. At least two-thirds of a company’s business should be related specifically to the classification the company represents.

Classifications may be modified following clarification by members interested in a particular classification.

Classifications may not be so broad that they eliminate opportunities for new members in a related category.

If a classification is not listed and there is not a member in that classification, the classification may be added to the roster.

Classifications may be added, consolidated or split. The listing of a classification does not guarantee that such a classification will be retained.

A classification remains open until such time as BizMtl has received the membership application completed in full, the initiation and complete annual fees and that BizMtl has accepted the application.

Decisions regarding Classifications by BizMtl are final and not subject to appeal.

Presentations and announcements

Members and guests introduce themselves and make announcements at each event.

Only members in good standing (or a specially invited guest speaker) may make a presentation to the group.

Members and guests must be sure to discuss, announce or otherwise mention subjects related to their classification only or to an unoccupied classification. They may not promote or mention a business, service or product falling under the classification of another member.

Members must present their company within 3 months of joining BizMtl and at a regular frequency thereafter

Membership period

Memberships are for a 1 year period and payable in advance. There is a one time initiation fee.

There is an additional fee if 2 members of the same company attend events at the same time.

The membership period begins on the date the membership is initiated and runs for a period of 12 months unless terminated by the application of an article within this and related documents. (added 15 January 2015).

Membership and other fees

Membership and related fees are due within 15 days of the presentation of notification. Notification is by e-mail. If membership fees remain unpaid, BizMtl may declare the classification available and guests within the same classification may attend BizMtl events with the possibility of the member in default being replaced by a new member.

Membership fees are payable for one complete year and in advance.

There is a fee for the change of classification or change of company of a member. (added 15 January 2015). Other fees may apply.

Membership Renewal – Automatic

Memberships are automatically renewed for one full year unless notified at least 30 days in advance of the member’s desire to relinquish his/her membership. The renewal shall be at the then current rate. It is assumed the payment option will be the same as the previous year unless BizMtl is notified to the contrary.

There is an additional fee if 2 members of the same company attend events at the same time. (added 15 January 2015).

Member in Good Standing

A member in good standing is one who is in conformity with ALL of the articles in this and related documents (e.g. Membership Application) and one who professionally represents BizMtl within and without of BizMtl events. (added 15 January 2015)


A minimum level of 50% Attendance is required by the prime representative. If a member fails to meet this attendance requirement, the classification maybe made available to a second member occupying the same classification. The first member of that classification may also continue to represent the classification. A member may not block the representation for a given classification due to non-attendance. Membership or other fees are not refunded to either member. (added 15 January 2015)

A member is considered to be a “No Show” if the member has replied that he/she will be attending, does not issue an “unable to attend” e-mail before the event and does not appear at the event. Normally the member has been issued a confirmation of his/her attendance the day of and often the day before the event. A member with two “No Shows” is considered to be in default. Such default can be remedied by payment of a fine and/or can lead to expulsion. A member cannot be in default for this reason twice. (added 25 November 2015)

BizMtl Web Site

Member’s Company information is posted on the BizMtl web site for referral information when at a client.

We suggest that BizMtl logo and link be placed on member’s web site.

The member permits the use of its company info and any photos taken at an event to be used on the web site or other promotional material.

Dress Code

Professional business attire

Cancellation of Membership by BizMtl

A membership may be cancelled and/or not renewed by BizMtl by being in Default and/or due to failure to comply with this document and/or other regulations and the articles contained on the membership application.

There is no refund of fees.


Non-Member companies, representatives and other invitees are invited to events as guests only. Being present at a dinner/event or being invited to one or more dinner/events does not imply that the company or its representative is a member, or that a classification is reserved or taken. Nor does it imply that BizMtl is soliciting the guest’s membership.

The guest permits the use of its company info and any photos taken at an event to be used on the BizMtl web site or other promotional material.

By attending a BizMtl event, the guest agrees to accept e-mail notifications of future events and other announcements.

BizMtl attempts to screen and invite guests whose classification is not currently represented in BizMtl. It may happen from time to time that a guest may appear whose classification is in conflict with an existing member. (added 15 January 2015)

Guests may not present promotional materials regardless of the media – this is reserved for members only.

Guest fees may apply.

BizMtl Conditions – Members and Guests

  • BizMtl is about promoting all member business to and for each other
  • Our premise is that BizMtl members belong to BizMtl as their exclusive or primary business networking group.
  • Whether you are a member or guest to a BizMtl event with these conditions apply:
  • No mention of any other networking group at a BizMtl event
  • No attempt to recruit or promote or invite those present to any other group
  • Leads generated by attendees may not be given to anyone outside BizMtl
  • No gathering of business cards for any kind of follow up solicitation.
  • No handing out of business cards unless asked by a member or guest.
  • No fund raising requests.
  • Religion and politics are not topics for a BizMtl event

An infraction may lead to expulsion.

Subject to Change

BizMtl procedures, rules and guidelines are subject to change without notice. It is up the the members, guests and interested parties to read and be aware of these procedures and cannot claim ignorance as an excuse for being in default or in contravention.

The Membership Application contains additional information