Out of Bounds Conditions

BizMtl is about promoting all member businesses to and for each other.
Our premise is that BizMtl members belong to BizMtl as their exclusive or primary networking group.

However, as a member or guest to a BizMtl event with these conditions:

  • No mention of any other networking group at a BizMtl event
  • No attempt to recruit or promote or invite those present to any other group
  • Leads generated by attendees may not be given to anyone outside BizMtl
  • No gathering of business cards for any kind of follow up solicitation.
  • No handing out of business cards unless asked by a member or guest.
  • No fund raising requests – either by announcements or by unsolicited e-mail.
  • Religion and politics are not topics for a BizMtl event

An infraction may lead to explusion. A guest will not be re-invited if any or all of the above conditions are not observed.