Who we are

The more you read about it, the more you see that networking is the most important method of building up your contacts.

Harvey Borsuk, believes that people do business with people they know and people they like. So in 2002, Harvey founded BizMtl, bringing to members his extensive business networking experience and results.

Harvey’s goal has always been to develop relationships between people, person to person, live. Having people helping people to achieve each other’s goals and to be available when help is needed. These days when technology allows and encourages remote client support, we do not get as many oipportunities to meet our clients face to face.

At BizMtl people have the opportunity to make many new contacts and build business and personal relationships in a relaxed non-competitive environment.

Members and guests refer potential clients to each other and exchange business and business information. This is also a forum to discuss issues you may have in your business. At a BizMtl meeting, members often help each other deal with issues which are important to them. The social aspect of the group is also important.

So, whether you want to

  1. increase business through leads and direct business
  2. find dependable resources
  3. get advice on dealing with a business situation or
  4. get together for the social reasons to schmooze

BizMtl is the place for you.

We welcome members to unique classifications to avoid internal competition while promoting collaboration.. We also prefer members who choose BizMtl as their principal business networking group

Twice monthly, we meet officially for cocktails and dinner to touch base with fellow members and guests. Here is where you can get to know fellow members and set up outside meetings over a coffee, lunch etc. to explore each other’s needs.

Attendance is very important – there is a minimum 50% attendance requirement. Every meeting missed is a missed opportunity!

At BizMtl we try to sensitize each other to our contact bases to help others in business. All in attendance are part of your sales team. If each member or guest knows 300 people, there could be up to 9,000 potential sources of business at a meeting!

We provide the forum and mechanism for the group… however, in the end, it’s the members who make the group successful, no matter what group one belongs to… sports, religious, professional, or other.

We believe that it is important to get to know what each of the other members and attendees do and how you can help them. We get to know what each member does and become aware of the goods and services that members can provide. In this way you can always to be thinking about other members when at a client.

To do this, it is crucial for each person to present his or her company… members have to know what you do. Members can have 20 to 30 minutes for their greatest sales pitch… to BizMtl members and guests. Alternatively, you can present a specific topic on which you have knowledge which is helpful to share with members and guests.

BizMtl is all about building relationships… and at BizMtl we have the opportunity to build relationships with like minded business people.

Remember, if you make a sale, you make a commission but if you make a friend, you make a fortune!

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